Interested in checking out enrollment? Contact us by phone or email and we will set up an interview session to meet you and your student. Interviews give us an opportunity to introduce you personally to our staff, give a tour of the facility, show you the “behind the scenes” DVD, answer the top five questions every parent has and discuss rates and availability.

There are three things you’ll need to complete this process:

Write down any questions you haven’t been able to answer through our site, bring them with you and we will be more than happy to answer each question in person.

Don’t forget to bring your student with you. A good fit is vital and meeting the student first makes sure we are doing our best to find a good fit.

You’ll need your application and enrollment fee. Just click on the word application to download it now. Then complete our pre-registration form. This will enter you into our system, enabling us to reach you and determine how to best fill your needs.

Finally, we encourage you to check out multiple schools and locations before or after you see our school. This will ensure you find the best fit for your needs. Here at Crawmer’s, we are always looking for people who are excited to be here. Why? Because we’re excited to be here and want people to enjoy this as much as we do!

That’s it! We look forward to hearing from you. Best regards on your journey.

Crawmer’s Critterz Preschool admits students of any race, religion, sex, color, national and ethnic origin. Crawmer’s is a nonprofit, equal-opportunity organization.


To apply for a position print the application and complete online pre-registration.  Turn application in to any Crawmer’s Preschool with your deposit.  You can print the application and bring it our campus to inquire about current enrollment.  All applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Infants (6 weeks – 23 months)

Current Openings:  Limited Part Time

September:  Limited Part Time

Toddlers (24 months – 35 months)

1 Full Time Openings

2 Part Time

Preschool (36 months – 6 years)

2 Full Time Openings

2 Part Time Openings

We have a fax line (541) 385-1029