What do these all have in common?

These all happen in the daily preschool programming for children 3 months – 5 years.  Still with all that, students are so excited for their daily adventures at school they celebrate when their friends arrive.

Each month our classrooms work on a storyline basis.  Students at Crawmer’s learn to work as a group, problem solving skills and concept development.  This month we are traveling around the world.  We are learning about camera’s, taking pictures, eating foods varying from such countries Greece, Japan, China and England.

Many classmates start when they are infants and toddlers and grow up in our program, but some are “newbies” and are welcomed with open arms.  Either way, buddies are formed at birthday parties, play dates and special gatherings at the park are a prize continually sought.  They just can’t seem to get enough of each other!  Students learn how to relate properly with their peers and how relationships work, making such occasions as play dates a celebratory experience for the adults involved as well.

Check out our daily experiences…


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Here’s what we pack into one day

AM Preschool :  Aimed towards academics, working on fine motor skills, colors, numbers, letters, shapes, sequencing, language and interpersonal skills all through art.  The children have no idea they are learning, the fun being had and giggles all around convince you this is just another form of play.

Art Station:  Goal is self expression.  Children work on following instructions as well as imagination.  Studies include famous artists such as Jackson Pollock, Asher Brown Durand, Joan Mitchell, Ernest Lawson, Edward Kicks, Henry Inman, Sister Gertrude Morgan and Georgia O’Keefe just to name a few.   Each week is themed around a famous artist where the students learn about imitating different kinds and styles of art.  Students learn with different kinds of media from acrylics, watercolors, clay, color pencils, photography, sculptures, paper mac he’, wall mural, finger pain, tempera paint, collage and much more!

Art:  Self expression and creativity.  Students are taught starting with the basics up through intermediate art theories and art expressions.

Art History:  Students who attend Art Station session or full days at High Pointe, have the unique opportunity to learn more about art.  From the kinds of brushes we use and why, to specialized paper intended for artists; our students are excited to create and explore art.  Different mediums such as oil pastels, acrylics and water colors encourage creativity and provide lasting expressions.  Students learn about famous artists and how to imitate different kinds of art.  From basic cartoon drawing styles to impressionistic and abstract art, these are just a few of the many things they learn through out the school year.

Music:  With both AM preschool and Art Station sessions.  Music time teaches counting, volume control, body movement/control, vocalization, acceptance and values.  Music is played in every classroom all day long outside of preschool music time.  Folk songs, swing, big band, children’s hip hop and classical are all just a small sampling of the styles played here.  Summer school includes a special unit on musical instruments and rhythm.

Teacher Lead Imaginary Play:  safari’s, submarine tours, Alaska ice burg tours, zoo visits and any where our imagination takes us.

PE: Ballet, Basketball, Soccer, Dance, Aerobics, Stretching, Yoga, Obstacle Courses and more!

Puppet Shows:  Discussing the important issues for our students – sharing, caring, manners and our words.

Story Telling:  Memorized stories teachers tell to students originating from Ireland, Africa, Scandinavia and personal experience.  Students ask again and again for their personal favorites.  New ones are introduced monthly.